Tied Pubs (Code and Adjudicator) (Scotland) Bill

Friday 17th February 2017, Paisley outlet Hamishes Hoose witnessed the launch of the Tied Pubs (Code and Adjudicator) (Scotland) Bill. The Private Members Bill is proposed by Neil Bibby, Labour MSP for West of Scotland. 

The following statement was released by CAMRA the same day:

CAMRA fully welcomes the new consultation that has been launched into the tied pub sector by Neil Bibby. We expect that it will paint a picture of pubs struggling to survive across Scotland, with examples of large pub companies taking more than is fair or sustainable from individual publicans’ profits.

Earlier this year, the Scottish Government carried out its own research into the tied pub sector. Their report concluded that there is no need for reform after surveying just 25 pubs – only 10 of which were tied to large companies. This represents less than 0.5% of the 4,600 pubs across the country, and cannot be considered a representative sample.

The Scottish Government’s inaction on this issue is letting the pubs sector down. Pubs in Scotland deserve the same level of protection as they have in England and Wales, and we hope this new research will persuade the Scottish Government to make the appropriate reforms.”

The MSPs already signed up to support Neil Bibby’s Bill on Tied Pubs and Adjudicator are listed here.

Neil Bibby MSP

If your Constituency or List MSP is not on this list please lobby them to support the Bill to help gain a success for this important CAMRA campaign. Hopefully, we can end lack of choice for the consumer in pubs owned by PubCos and help small brewers get their produce to market by expanding guest ale choice.

To identify MSPs associated with your post code, follow this link.