A Message from Scotland & Northern Ireland Director Sarah Crawford

CAMRA’s activities in Scotland and Northern Ireland span some 44 years. We have gone from 1974 where places such as Glasgow were classed as real ale deserts to now, with over 1350 outlets for real ale within our branches. The number of breweries has recently just surpassed 100 which all brew a mix of traditional and innovative beers to please most real ale drinkers.

The Campaign in Scotland and Northern Ireland currently has over 5500 members who are arranged within eleven branches. Some of our branches are the largest geographically, within the UK. Branches meet regularly with their members at monthly meetings in local pubs and quarterly, all branches get together at a larger meeting to convey information on national issues to branches, and requested from branches, up to the National Executive.

We’re just at the beginning of a very exciting year as April 2019 will see the National Members Weekend and AGM come to Dundee. This will be a great chance for Scotland and Northern Ireland Branches to show off to the rest of the Campaign how great our real ale scene is!  We will need lots of members to help make the weekend a success, from pulling pints behind the members bar, counting votes in the conference hall to coordinating the social trips after formal business has closed.  If you want to get involved then please email me!

Sarah Crawford is the Director for Scotland and Northern Ireland and lives in Kirkcaldy with her husband Joe. She can be contacted via email at RD.ScotlandNI@camra.org.uk.

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