Outstanding Service Awards

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of CAMRA, we recognise those members, residing or formerly residing in Scotland & Northern Ireland, who have provided outstanding service to the Campaign.  These include current and former members of the National Executive, current and former Scotland & Northern Ireland Directors and those nominated by Branch Chairs, etc.  We have also created a roll of honour for those who provided similar service throughout their lifetime.

Forth ValleyIan BrocklebankBrewery Liaison Coordinator and Champion Beer of Britain Coordinator in the 90s and early noughties
Kingdom of FifeSarah Crawford11th Scotland & Northern Ireland Director. Now national Commercial and Communications Director.
Kingdom of FifeKen DavieFirst Branch Chair. 8th Scotland and Northern Ireland Director. Became national Finance Director.
Glasgow & West of ScotlandJonathan KempFormer Branch Chair. Became national Events Director.
Edinburgh & South-East ScotlandRoger Preece2nd Scotland & Northern Ireland Director.
Edinburgh & South-East ScotlandTed Sharp4th Scotland & Northern Ireland Director. Most recently Scottish Real Ale Festival Treasurer.
Edinburgh & South-East ScotlandColin Valentine7th Scotland & Northern Ireland Director. Became National Chair.
Kingdom of FifeJoe Crawford12th Director.  Previously Scottish Real Ale Festival Organiser.  Currently Branch Treasurer.  
Ayrshire & WigtownshireLindsay Grant9th Director.  Member Revitalisation Project Steering Group.  Currently Branch Chair, Scotland & Northern Ireland Branches Secretary and Champion Beer of Britain Coordinator.
Kingdom of FifeGordon Hannah5th Director.
Aberdeen, Grampian & Northern IslesGeorge Howie6th Director.  Long-standing “rock” of his branch.  Currently Deputy Director.
Ayrshire & WigtownshireStuart McMahonCurrent Director.  Editor of his branch’s award-winning magazine Full Pints.
Ayrshire & WigtownshireRay Turpie10th Director. Became National Campaigns Committee Chair.  Currently Branch Public Affairs Officer.
Edinburgh & South-EastJon Addinall

Long-standing active member and Pubs Officer.  Has run all Branch GBG and POTY processes very successfully for about 25 years, as well as keeping Whatpub and other databases maintained to a high standard.

Glasgow & West of ScotlandRussell Burt

Involved early on with Glasgow Branch and a former Branch Chair.  Bon Accord cellar manager for about 40 years until his recent retirement.  Less active in CAMRA in recent years but he has remained a member and probably had more influence on people’s awareness of real ale by his varied choice of beer to sell at the pub than many more traditional activists.

Dumfries & StewartryAlan Gass

Long-standing committee member, holding various posts for >10 years.  Kept branch operating as Chair when the previous incumbent resigned.  Now fills membership and contact roles and liaises with ‘mother’ branch Solway.

Glasgow & West of ScotlandKenny Gillies

Long-standing Branch Treasurer. Ayrshire Secretary prior to that; Ayrshire Real Ale Festival Treasurer since its inception.

Ayrshire & Wigtownshire Mick Lee

A founder member of the Campaign in Scotland and of his branch.  Long-standing former Branch Chair.  Still going strong as Pubs Officer.

Highlands & Western IslesEric Mills

Former long-standing Branch Chair; now Scotland & Northern Ireland Tasting Panels Coordinator.

TaysideFrank Mills

Long-standing “rock” of the branch, if it wasn’t for him the branch would have gone under long ago.

RenfrewshireDerek Moore

Branch founding member.  Held many branch positions including Branch Chair and, most recently, Paisley Beer Festival Organiser.

RenfrewshireJim Strang

Long-standing branch member.  Held many branch and national positions.  Scotland & Northern Ireland Brewery Liaison Coordinator since before 2007.

Ayrshire & WigtownshireBob Wallace

First Organiser of Paisley Beer Festival, former Scottish Real Ale Festival Organiser.  Changed, for the better, our entire approach to recruitment of new  members in Scotland.  Currently Ayrshire Real Ale Festival Sponsorship Manager.

RenfrewshireStuart Wallace

Long-standing Branch and Paisley Festival Treasurer.  Festival Assessor.

BranchRecipientIn recognition of
Glasgow & West of ScotlandAlistair Boyd

His passion and knowledgeable supporter of real ale, cider & perry.

Kingdom of FifeKenny Broadbent

His service to Kingdom of Fife branch and his boundless enthusiasm.

Edinburgh & South-East ScotlandTony Dean

His service to Edinburgh & South-East Scotland Branch and his boundless enthusiasm.  1st Scotland & Northern Ireland Director.

Edinburgh & South-East ScotlandDan Kane

His innovative and determined campaigning, dedication to pubs, real ale and brewing, along with history of brewing and breweriana.  3rd Scotland &Northern Ireland Director.    

Glasgow & West of ScotlandEllen McSwiggan

Her service to Glasgow & West of Scotland branch and beyond.  She served as Branch Chair 1993 to 1999 and 2003 to 2005, an unlikely role for a woman in those days.

Glasgow & West of ScotlandAlan Watson

His service to Glasgow & West of Scotland branch and beyond.  A founder member of the Campaign in Scotland.         

Glasgow & West of ScotlandJohn Whitecross

Him setting up the Glasgow Branch in 1974, was it’s first Chair and so was a pioneer of CAMRA in Scotland. 

The photographs shown below were taken during the award ceremony, held in The Standing Order, Edinburgh, on Saturday, 2 July.